We believe that graduate learning should: 

  • Integrate into the broader context of the existing graduate program and the strategic priorities of the organisation
  • Be highly relevant to the needs of both the organisation and the graduate cohort
  • Provide valuable workplace skills which complement the graduates subject matter expertise
  • Demonstrate respect for the graduates’ experience
  • Make efficient use of the graduates’ time and capacity in what is often a busy year
  • Be learner-led – using discovery and ‘teaching through doing and experiencing’ rather than be being ‘told’
  • Not duplicate the teaching of content already covered as part of the organisation’s induction and internal graduate training 
  • If accredited, include assessment that is done in-class where possible, or that is integrated with work graduates undertake as part of their role
  • Be a collaboration between the organisation and Wisdom
  • Be evaluated and adapted on an on-going basis.


Wisdom has a strong track record of designing, developing and delivering highly successful graduate programs. Contact the Wisdom team for more information on service@wisdomlearning.com.au or 02 6257 8588.

“I had heard that previous year’s grad cohorts when they did this course with other training providers felt it was either way too much work and stressed them out, or it wasn’t sufficient to meet the needs of their work. I think the Wisdom course is just right, like Goldilocks’ porridge”

  Graduate feedback, July 2020


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