Rod Hattch


Rod created and developed Wisdom Learning in 2002. He is a successful entrepreneur who has worked with senior executives, leaders, managers and staff in both the public and private sector as a trusted consultant, insightful coach and highly engaging facilitator. 

Rod has designed, developed and managed the implementation of learning and capability development solutions for departments, organisations and individuals, alike.

He is a highly skilled business leader and respected learning and development professional with a long-standing record of delivering high quality innovative results.

Jana Clyde


As Wisdom’s Director, Jana epitomises our values. She brings her far-reaching business experience, professionalism and expertise to the strategic direction and operational effectiveness of the organisation.

Wisdom’s clients respond to Jana’s humility, respect and unique business acumen to innovate and engage authentically with organisations and individuals alike, and transform those insights into tangible business outcomes and higher returns.

Maddy Carolan


Maddy has extensive experience in business administration, leadership and management roles and plays a key role in ensuring the overall delivery of a range of products and services to the Wisdom standard.

As part of Wisdom’s management team, Maddy contributes to strategic planning, the design, structure and management of support services, and continuous improvement across all areas of Wisdom’s business.

Tanya Jones


Tanya has 17 years experience in the learning and development profession and brings passion and energy to assisting organisations to build people capability and organisational effectiveness.

Her area of expertise is translating high level goals and strategy into meaningful, innovative and impactful workforce skills and development initiatives.

Ingrid Tomanovits


Ingrid is the consummate learning and development specialist combining skill, experience, intelligence and personality to provide high quality learning and development services.

Her public sector career spans over twenty years and included roles in operations, policy development and implementation, program design, project management and learning and development.

Helena Stevens


Helena’s public sector experience spans over fifteen years, with thirteen in law enforcement as a Detective, working in across multiple areas of crime operations, specialist investigation training, program design and learning and development.

Before joining the Wisdom team, Helena’s public service career has included senior management and executive level roles where she has combined her strong educational background with extensive practical real-world experience including project management and strategy development.

Kylie Flower


Kylie brings a rare perspective to her training consultation, as she combines nearly 30 years of government and law enforcement experiences with extensive qualifications in learning and education. 

Kylie’s leadership and management experience at an executive level is extremely diverse, including professional standards, community policing, emergency management, forensics and protection operations. She has strong professional networks and relationships across the sector including academia.

Piers Hodgson


Piers’ career spans over twenty five years in business and he has over eighteen years experience as a trainer. Piers’ successful career in real estate includes winning industry awards such as franchise auctioneer of the year, highest rural sales (multiple), highest gross office commission.

Jo Kamira


Jo Kamira is an accomplished Human Resources Practitioner with over 30 years of practical experience in leading and managing teams, designing and delivering courses, conducting workplace investigations with a strong focus on cultural capacity and equity.

Jo combines her practical knowledge of contemporary workplace investigation principles and laws with her specialist investigative and analytical skills, to develop and provide services aimed at helping clients investigate and manage workplace issues efficiently, expeditiously and fairly.

Jayne Stetto


Jayne brings experience, skillshigh energy and enthusiasm to her role as a facilitator with Wisdom. Jayne combines her extensive public and private sector background to draw on many diverse experiences making her program delivery always engaging, interactive and enjoyable for participants. 

Jayne brings a unique combination of education and real-world experience in senior leadership and management roles that include a highly successful 22-year career as an officer in the US Air Force.

Wendy O’Dea


Wendy combines her extensive public and private sector background to draw on many diverse experiences in her training programs that are always engaging, interactive and enjoyable for participants.

She has an extensive background in project management, leadership, business and human resource management and 24 years’ experience in the Australian Public Service (APS).  Wendy has also built a successful small business and is actively involved in several industry associations. 

Glynis Quinlan


Glynis Quinlan is a dynamic and highly-skilled trainer and facilitator with a background in public relations, issues management, journalism and as a ministerial media advisor. Glynis draws from her extensive career in the public and private sectors in developing and delivering training, as well as her strong passion for helping people achieve their best.

Brendan O’Loughlin


With almost twenty years of public service experience, Brendan offers a diverse skillset of policy, program management and leadership skills. Brendan joined the Australian Public Service through Defence’s Graduate Development Program.  

Brendan has worked as an executive in policy, program management, international engagement, social inclusion, disaster recovery and security management areas in the Australian Public Service and the ACT Public Service career  

Suzanne Schultz


Suzanne has a passion for building strong client partnerships and delivering dynamic training solutions. With an expertise in strategic leadership and management, built on practical real-world experience.

With a background in Organisational psychology, Suzanne delivers practical, resourceful, tailored learning solutions to her clients. She is an experienced leader and facilitator, who draws on a wealth of industry experience to engage course participants and achieve client specific outcomes.

Jillian Carson-Jackson


Jillian has over three decades of experience in the maritime environment, promoting education, training, diversity and inclusion. 

With practical experience both afloat and ashore, she has management experience in different government areas, and senior management experience in decision-making, policy development, strategic business planning, consensus building, and research and development.

She is an advocate for effective training and facilitation, and has authored numerous articles for various publications, including the Simulation Instructor Handbook (Nautical Institute).  Her experience spans three continents, with a global reach throughout an international environment.  

Rob Gilder


Rob is an accomplished trainer with a strong government and investigations background. Rob’s career in the Australian Federal Police spaned more than 30 years and specialised in investigating serious organised crime.

During his time in the police force, Rob was seen as an innovative trainer and influencer of training initiatives that has been proven to bolster staff capability and improve best practice, which has contributed to a disruption and dismantling of organised criminal syndicates. Rob has always enjoyed delivering and developing training to bring out the best in a highly skilled and operationalised work force.

Ian Gibson


Ian Gibson has had a distinguished career in training and education as teacher, manager, consultant and chief executive. He has extensive experience in the vocational education and learning and development sectors.

He has led multi award winning Registered Training Organisations, advised large and small Government entities on L and D issues, written numerous qualifications and aligned both private and public training institutions with effective quality management and compliance processes.

Marion Whalan


Marion is a dynamic trainer and facilitator of learning with a background in supporting people to achieve their management, business or personal career goals. Marion has extensive experience in the field of workplace relations and human resource management across a diverse range of industries, both public and private. 

Igor Stojkov


Igor is an experienced digital consultant with an education background to over 20,000 officers of the New South Wales Police Force over two decades. Currently the Lead Administrator for Canvas, he was also a Course Administrator in both Totara and SAP Success Factors Learning Management Systems (LMS).

Through his career Igor has developed exceptional skills in designing, developing, and delivering technology-based solutions for various educational and training projects. He spent a decade developing simulations using the Avalias and Hydra platforms in diverse areas such as Public Order, multi agency Emergency Management, multi agency National Counter Terrorism, as well as the fields of Leadership and Management.

Tayla Blewitt-Gray


Tayla has several years of experience in digital media and the arts where she has developed a focus on content creation and delivery. Having studied, taught, and worked in media creation she combines these areas to understand how content can affect participant learning.

Loretta Petroff


Loretta has over 30 years’ experience as a leader, manager and subject matter expert in government, acquiring her unique combination of corporate, regulatory, policy and program management experience.

She is committed to “paying it forward” by sharing her knowledge, skills and insights with emerging government professionals.  Loretta’s educational approach extols the values of good governance, evidence-based decision making, and building culture and capacity.

Simone Thornberry


Simone brings with her 12 years of service in the Royal Australian Navy focusing her expertise within the communications and information technology fields as well as in the security and compliance space.

Simone is a highly competent leader within communications, IT, security and training roles. She has superior skills in people and operational management alongside technical capabilities in implementing and maintaining communication and security systems.

Lauren Neale


Lauren has more than 5 years experience working within the education sector. As well as this, Lauren has a previous background in hospitality and customer service.

Lauren’s experience in vocational education brings a student focus on the administrative and support processes. She is devoted to providing excellent service to our clients and brings a caring attention to detail to all she does.

Madeline Fraser 


Maddy applies her intelligence and expertise to the provision of client service functions – with excellence. Maddy is a reliable, trusted team member of our Business Enabling Services Team (BEST) who contributes positive, solution-oriented ideas and insights with a disarming wit.

Her communication and listening skills are of the highest order: clear, articulate, patient in the face of challenges, proactive. These leadership qualities are balanced with the humility to be inquisitive ensuring Wisdom’s team operations and service is responsive to clients needs. 

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