Wisdom partners with our client organisations to develop capabilities to solve business problems. Our approach ensures that we work with you to:

Identify your business needs.

Determine the required learning, to build the organisational capabilities to meet those needs.

Develop and deliver fit for purpose learning solutions.

This means we develop and deliver the right solution, for the right need, at the right time.
Importantly, our solutions are developed to fit the your organisational and industry context, and your organisation’s culture. Our solutions may include accredited and non-accredited training, coaching, and other professional development options. Wisdom will only recommend learning solutions we believe will address your organisational needs, and help solve your business problems.

Fully integrated learning programs are different to traditional approaches to customising or tailoring training. Customised or tailored training involves taking an existing product and making adjustments to content to suit the needs of the client. Commercial, off the shelf training involves delivery of a standard, existing product with no adjustment at all. While there is merit in each of these approaches in certain circumstances, we believe the best outcome and return on investment for our clients will be achieved through Wisdom’s integrated learning approach.

Fully integrated learning programs include features such as:

Collaborating with clients, where our expertise in adult learning and education combines with their deep knowledge of their own business and organisation to create meaningful and valuable learning solutions.

Client specific content (internal policies and procedures, case studies, subject matter experts).

Alignment of learning activities with business cycles. For example, we work with clients to schedule content on performance management to align with organisational performance cycles.

Inclusion where appropriate of internal presenters or relevant speakers to support learning e.g. an HR Manager to expand on the existing (or changing) HR policies, practices or systems.

At Wisdom, we prioritise learning need, informed by business need, and then ensure these are met through our program design, including whether a qualification will add value to your business.

Contact Wisdom on 02 6257 8588 or service@wisdomlearning.com.au to discuss how our integrated training approach can help your organisation.

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