The Need

A large government agency required a quality digital learning solution to support and enable their staff to work effectively in their roles during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The Challenge

The online learning solution needed to be tailored to the agency and support learning from a practitioner to executive levels (APS4-EL2). Their workforce was geographically dispersed throughout Australia and worked in a highly regulated operational environment.

The programs needed to be engaging and educate managers how to respond and lead through disruption and change, including leading through large scale physical, economic, performance, and cultural challenges.

The Solution

Using our unique digital module approach, Wisdom designed and developed two programs of digital learning.

Each program was made up of four interactive self-paced digital modules that are between 2-3 hours in duration.

1. Working in the public sector program: 

Strategic thinking module

Decision making in the public sector module

Managing risk module

Introduction to behavioural insights module

2. Investigative skills program, including:

Investigative mindset module

Defensible decisions module

Intelligence fundamentals module

Investigative Best Practice module

The Impact

In a five-month period:

336 people undertook the Working in the Public Sector program with 99% agreeing that the program was of benefit to them

450 people undertook the Investigations Skill Set program with 99% agreeing that the program was of benefit to them


“The learning was very engaging, and I liked the variety of videos, reading, exercises and quizzes.”

“Well put together module. Content was very much on point. Delivered in a professional manner. Thank you.”

“Thank you – this was excellent; the content was very engaging, relevant and informative.”

“Useful information, supported by appropriate activities to re-enforce understanding and learning. Information can be applied in the workplace on a daily basis.”

“Great concise course with relevant material.”

“Case studies always help to explain points really well so I enjoyed reading the examples and case study provided.”

Are we right for you?

Committed organisation, willing to invest in people, want to create change, long-term partnerships, bespoke/tailored programs