Wisdom has a highly skilled and qualified team of experienced education and training professionals with significant subject matter expertise in government investigations and intelligence analysis from direct experience working in in senior defence, regulatory compliance and law enforcement roles.

We work with our public sector clients to enable them to meet the Australian Government Investigations Standards (AGIS) 2022.

Mapped to the organisations requirements and driven by data our programs are built to ensure Wisdom’s trained investigators build a best practice investigative mindset.

Our Expertise

  • The fraud environment including legislative and regulatory requirements, ethical considerations, evidentiary rules, and procedures.
  • The investigative mindset including critical thinking, exercising judgment, and ethical decision-making.
  • Planning, conducting, managing, and finalising an investigation.
  • Investigative interviewing, taking statements, and effective complex communication skills.

Our Clients

Corporate Entities: Companies that require skilled investigators to handle internal and external investigations.

Government Agencies: Regulators that need to meet the Australian Government Investigations Standards (AGIS) 2022.

Not-for-Profit Organisations: Entities that require robust investigative capabilities to manage compliance and integrity.

Industry and Professional Associations: Member-based associations that want to equip their members with best practice investigative skills.

Wisdom Learning delivers scalable, customised, and integrated training programs designed to meet the specific needs of both government and private sector agencies.

Why Wisdom Learning?

Highly Skilled Team: Highly skilled and qualified education and training professionals with extensive professional expertise in government investigations and intelligence analysis from senior roles in defence, regulatory compliance, and law enforcement.

Unparalleled Training Solutions: Solutions tailored to the specific challenges faced by our clients that uplift the capabilities of investigative teams no matter their levels of experience. Our ongoing learning and professional development programs contribute to higher job satisfaction and retention of skilled investigators.

Data-Driven Programs: Our programs are data-driven and mapped to organisational requirements, ensuring that investigators trained by Wisdom develop a best practice investigative mindset.

End-to-End Solutions: From initial training needs assessment to ongoing support and development, we provide comprehensive solutions that cover all aspects of investigator training.

Nationally accredited training: Our Success

Wisdom Learning has demonstrated success delivering highly effective, nationally accredited investigations training.

Graduate Feedback from PSP40416 Certificate IV in Government Investigations: A foundational course providing essential skills in conducting investigations within the public sector.

  • 89% agreed they could apply what they learned in the program to their work.
  • 91% agreed the program provided them with the underpinning skills and knowledge needed in their work.
  • 97% agreed they were well supported in the program.

Graduate Feedback from PSP50416 Diploma of Government Investigations: An advanced program focusing on complex investigative techniques and management of investigation teams

  • 89% agreed they could apply what they learned in the program to their work.
  • 89% agreed the program provided them with the underpinning skills and knowledge needed in their work.
  • 87% agreed they were well supported in the program.

Wisdom’s Non-accredited options

Short Courses

Investigative Interviewing: Learn effective techniques for interviewing witnesses and suspects to gather reliable information.

Defensible Decisions: Understand how to make and document decisions that can withstand scrutiny.

Investigative Best Practice: Gain insights into the best practices for conducting thorough and ethical investigations.

Investigative Planning: Develop skills in planning and managing investigations from start to finish.

Statement Writing: Master the art of writing clear, concise, and legally sound statements.

Managing Investigations: Learn how to oversee and coordinate investigation teams effectively.

Digital Learner-Led Modules

Investigative Mindset: Cultivate a mindset geared towards thorough and unbiased investigations.

Defensible Decisions: Enhance your decision-making skills within an investigative context.

Intelligence Fundamentals: Understand the basics of intelligence gathering and analysis.

Investigative Best Practice: Explore advanced techniques and methodologies for conducting investigations.

Preparing Warrants and Affidavits: Learn the legal requirements and practical steps for preparing warrants and affidavits.

Custom Training Programs

We understand that each agency has unique needs. Our team can develop tailored training programs to address specific challenges and goals within your organisation. These programs can be delivered face-to-face, digitally, or as a blended learning solution to suit your preferences.

Additional Skills Training

Beyond investigative skills, we offer training in general public sector competencies:

Strategic Thinking: Develop a strategic approach to problem-solving and decision-making.

Decision Making within the Public Sector Context: Learn the nuances of making decisions in a government setting.

Managing Risk: Understand risk management principles and their application in the public sector.

Introduction to Behavioural Insights for the Public Sector: Gain insights into how behavioral science can improve public sector outcomes.

Principles of Personal Effectiveness: Enhance your personal productivity and effectiveness.

Paths to Peak Performance: Strategies to achieve and maintain high performance in your role.

Strategies to Be Your Best: Practical tips and techniques for continuous personal and professional development.

Are we right for you?

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