• The world of work has changed
  • The future is more uncertain
  • Disruption and adaptation are the new norm
  • Hybrid working is the new default
  • New approaches to leadership are needed

A SHIFT in thinking, acting, managing and measuring is needed.

A LeaderSHIFT is needed!

Nationally Recognised Training

Program overview

The work of leadership is constantly evolving. Due to the constant changes of the past couple of years, many organisational leaders have stopped speculating over when the pandemic will subside and instead are focusing on operational shifts that will allow them to better cope with future surprises.  More than ever, we need leadership skills. Current and future leaders need to be able to respond and lead through disruption, and change, as well as massive physical, economic, performance and workplace cultural challenges.

This will require a shift in thinking; a shift in mindset; a shift in engagement practices; a shift in how to lead people; a shift in performance – a shift in Leadership.

This program will help you develop LeaderSHIFT capabilities.

Participants who successfully complete the program will achieve the:

BSB50420 Diploma of Leadership and Management

Participants of this qualification may be eligible for training subsidies.

What you will learn

By attending this program, you will learn to:

  • Manage in a challenging and complex environment
  • Manage by results, not by visibility
  • Implement and execute plans, decisions and solutions
  • Effectively engage teams in a new world of flexible and remote workplaces
  • Effectively and efficiently mobilise people and resources
  • Manage within ambiguity and change
  • Understand and apply behavioural insights in the workplace.
LeaderSHIFT Classwork


  • Learn via digital workshops that recreate the face-to-face Wisdom learning experience using a range of facilitation techniques and engagement tools
  • Develop contemporary management and leadership skills to enhance your career
  • Directly improve business practices by using workplace examples in activities and assessments
  • Develop transferable skills, key to all organisational environments
  • Share experiences and knowledge with other participants, to build key relationships
  • Learn from experienced facilitators who will share their management expertise and work closely with you to develop your skills and achieve your qualification
  • Achieve a nationally recognised qualification.

Capability areas

This program will develop leadership and management capabilities in four key areas:

LeaderSHIFT Capability Areas

Conducting an Investigation

  • Situational awareness, how to look after yourself and others and Workplace Health and Safety responsibilities
  • De-escalation techniques
  • Disclosure
  • Risk identification and management in investigations
  • Exhibit and evidence management
  • Interviewing respondents and producing formal records of interviews

Finalising an Investigation

  • Finalising investigations
  • Producing investigation recommendations and reports
  • Reviewing your investigation
  • Continuous learning cycle
  • Quality Assurance
  • Improving client compliance – educate and engage
Contemporary Leadership
  • Leadership in modern organisations
  • Contemporary leadership approaches
  • Leading through complexity and disruption
  • Professional and personal mastery
  • Communicating and engaging with others
Leading Innovation
  • Engaging teams in innovation
  • Leading teams to create innovation as ‘business as usual’
  • Applying practical innovation in organisations
  • Systemising innovation for continuous improvement
  • Critical thinking tools and techniques
Leading People
  • Engaging people for enhanced performance
  • Creating effective teams for the future
  • Applying emotional intelligence to lead diverse and inclusive teams
  • Leading and managing remote and flexible work teams
Planning for Performance
  • Engaging people in the performance imperative
  • The paradox of planning and performance for autonomous teams
  • Efficient and effective planning measuring and reporting
  • Engaging teams in planning and performance management


Upon successful completion of the program, you will be issued with the BSB50420 Diploma of Leadership and Management– Wisdom Learning RTO number 88062.
The program has been designed to meet the needs of a range of organisational environments and includes the following twelve units of competency:

BSBPEF502 (Core) Develop and use emotional intelligence
BSBOPS502 (Core) Manage business operational plans
BSBLDR523 (Core) Lead and manage effective workplace relationships
BSBCMM511 (Core) Communicate with influence
BSBCRT511 (Core) Develop critical thinking in others
BSBTWK502 (Core) Manage team effectiveness
BSBCMM412 (Elective) Lead difficult conversations
BSBLDR522 (Elective) Manage people performance
BSBPEF501 (Elective) Manage personal and professional development
BSBTWK501 (Elective) Lead diversity and inclusion
BSBSTR502 (Elective)Facilitate continuous improvement
BSBSTR501 (Elective) Establish innovative work environments

Wisdom facilitators will guide you through these units, sharing their expertise and using leading edge methodologies to create a fun and focused learning environment. The program will be compiled of online and face to face training.

Wisdom Call

Entry requirements

This program is suited to current and aspiring managers. Participants will need to have at least two years experience in a workplace but do not need to be experienced managers. The program will develop general management skills and will suit private, public and not for pro fit sector staff.

Job opportunities

This qualification will support participants wanting to work as:

  • Team Leaders and Operational Managers
  • Mid level to Senior Managers.

Further learning options

Once you achieve this qualification, together with relevant work experience, you can undertake a range of Advanced Diploma level government and management qualifications including:

  • BSB61015 Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management

For further details on how we can develop a tailored learning pathway to achieve your training and education goals please call our team on 02 6257 8588

What previous participants have said about Wisdom’s Diploma of Leadership and Management


Wisdom Way Learning Model

The LeaderSHIFT program applies accelerated learning techniques using the Wisdom Way Learning Model. Benefits of this approach include sharing of knowledge and experience, immediate application of learning and support and assistance from qualified, experienced facilitators. This learning model will provide opportunity for you to:

  • Learn in a safe, participative and engaging digital environment
  • Share knowledge and experience with other professionals
  • Apply course learning immediately in your organisation
  • Be consulted on your progress throughout the course, in a supportive way
  • Learn from facilitators who share their experience, skills and knowledge.
Wisdom Way

Digital Workshops: Interactive facilitator led sessions (not e-learning) that enables structured learning of key program content. Digital workshops recreate the face-to-face Wisdom learning experience using a range of facilitation techniques and engagement tools.

myWisdom: The myWisdom online learning space provides participants with the opportunity to access resources, complete/upload assessment tasks, undertake learning activities, collaborate and reflect throughout the duration of the program.

Networking & knowledge sharing: Participants in the program will enhance learning through sharing knowledge, experience and resources within and outside their digital workshops. Participants will be encouraged and supported to network outside of the classroom to augment learning and knowledge sharing and the development of sustainable networks and collaborative professional relationships.

Readings & other resources: Participants will be provided with resources that underpin learning and provide the depth and breadth of the program’s content. Readings and resources will reflect contemporary theories, models, best practice guidelines and leading practice.

Workplace tasks & activities: Participants will undertake a range of practical tasks and activities relevant to modern organisations. These tasks and activities will form the majority of the assessment requirements for the program.

Our Digital Delivery Method

Wisdom has a range of digital training delivery options to ensure effective outcomes are achieved for participants.
It is important to note that this is not an e-learning program.
Each workshop will be facilitator-led by a Wisdom Trainer to engage, learn and build relationship as you would in a normal classroom learning environment.
We apply a range of digital tools and platforms to create flexible and adaptable learning outcomes for our participants.

Wisdom are learning specialists using technology, not IT people delivering training. This means the right technology is applied to achieve the required learning outcomes.

LeaderSHIFT work



Wisdom’s digital learning platform, myWisdom (Canvas LMS) is a world leading web-based platform that will be used to deliver the program. We utilise this technology to replicate the engaging and interactive Wisdom training delivery strategies.

MyWisdom Site
MyWisdom Learning

Mywisdom enables interactive participant engagement, rather than passive receipt of information, and is an effective way to:

  • Share ideas virtually on a whiteboard or chat function
  • Break into small groups for activities and report backs
  • Participants can continue to share knowledge and expertise by using the microphone function
  • Facilitator-led presentations using PowerPoint
  • Other learning activities such as videos, quizzes, polls and audio resources.

myWisdom App

myWisdom (Canvas LMS) also enables participants to gain access to their courses and groups using a mobile device though a free downloadable application. Students can submit assignments, participate in discussions, view grades and course materials. The app also provides access to course calendars, to do items, notifications and messages.

MyWisdom App
Wisdom Digital Directory
Wisdom LeaderSHIFT Feedback

Recognition for prior learning (RPL)

Wisdom offers all prospective learners for the BSB50420 Diploma of Leadership and Management Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) and credit transfer (CT).
RPL is an assessment process that recognises current skills and experience gained from work, life experience, or formal study.
The assessment process will involve you collecting evidence against the requirements of each of the units of competency. Your assessor will support you to gather this evidence and will then examine the evidence you provide to prove you have the necessary knowledge and skills for RPL.

Your evidence can include

  • Samples of work, projects and materials
  • Third party input from managers and/or peers
  • Written reports
  • Interviews with your assessor.

For further details on how you can initiate the RPL process, please call our team on 02 6257 8588.


The full fee for the BSB50420 Diploma of Leadership and Management is $5,500 (GST free). However, funded training opportunities* are available for eligible participants.

Fees paid in advance
Wisdom do not collect fees paid in advance from individuals for more than $1,500.  If you are an individual enrolling in this training program please ensure you select the ‘Tentative Enrolment’ option. As an individual fee paying participant Wisdom requires an initial payment of $1,500 to be paid in advance of your training program. Please proceed to complete the enrolment process and a Wisdom team member will contact you to arrange payment of the $1,500 deposit and confirm your enrolment.

Funded Training Opportunities

Funding may be available for staff and managers through ACT Government funding initiatives – ACT User Choice funding for the delivery of Australian Apprenticeships. Australian Apprenticeships in the ACT are funded by the ACT and Australian Governments.
Wisdom is an approved training provider of Australian apprenticeships/traineeships in the ACT. This means employers may be eligible for Government incentives that will subsidise the cost for participants to achieve the BSB50420 Diploma of Leadership Management.
Eligible participants will only pay a tuition fee of $850. There are no other fees or charges. Also participants who successfully complete the program and achieve their qualification will be eligible for $300 completion incentive payment from Skills Canberra.

NEW Australian Apprentices directly employed by the ACT or Australian Government will no longer be eligible for User Choice funding as of the 1st January 2022.

Contact the Wisdom team for more information on eligibility and traineeship opportunities for User Choice on 02 6257 8588 or email, service@wisdomlearning.com.au.

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