To successfully implement reforms a comprehensive learning program is needed to support the change required to realise the reform outcomes and desired benefits.

Some examples of how we have partnered with our clients to support the effective implementation of a range of reform projects are provided below. Contact our CEO Jana Clyde at to discuss how Wisdom can support you in implementing your reform project.

Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development

In 2017, the then-Transport Security Operations (TSO) Branch of the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development engaged Wisdom to develop a Learning and Development (L&D) framework for Regulatory Assessment and Compliance Training to support the effective implementation of major reforms to the functions within the Office of Transport Security (OTS).  The framework’s purpose was to address skills and knowledge gaps in technical and operational roles, as well within the critical support and enabling functions.

In 2018, OTS engaged Wisdom to be its Registered Training Organisation (RTO) partner to implement that L&D framework. The framework combined existing courses offered within the Department with bespoke training modules to create a training pathway for staff, including the achievement of a nationally recognised qualification. Depending on the level and role of individual staff, the qualification awarded is at either the Cert IV or Diploma of Government level, specialising in Regulatory Compliance, Regulatory Assessment, Last Port of Call (LPOC) or Systems Testing functions, across the APS5 – EL2 levels.

Wisdom and OTS co-designed implementation of the framework and associated programs to support the development of high performance teams across core business functions, consistent development of talent and skills across core functions, and to provide staff with the skills and capabilities to adapt to different roles as operational needs require. Training was delivered across Australia to in a series of blocks including:

Core Capabilities Block 1 and Block 2 (all staff)

Leadership Capabilities (APS6-EL2 staff)

Specialist Capabilities (training/units subject to individual participants’ areas of specialisation).

Commonwealth Government Department – Managing Teams in 2020 – A new way of working

Wisdom worked in partnership with our client to design, develop, deliver and evaluate a Managing Teams in 2020 capability development program.

This program was designed, developed and delivered in a very tight timeframe and achieved outstanding results for our client.

The program focused on developing the capabilities of managers to manage teams in a remote and flexible working environment. The program was delivered digitally across a number of half day workshops per program.


The program fully achieved the planned outcomes:

  • A strengthened understanding of their role and responsibilities as a manager
  • Built a shared understanding of management in context at each classification 
  • Been provided with practical tools to manage a remote workforce, including setting expectations, maximising productivity, engaging team members, facilitating team cohesion and maintaining a safe and professional workplace
  • A raised awareness of potential challenges for staff working remotely 
  • A deepened understanding of strategies for self-care
  • Identified gaps in management knowledge for follow up with further learning. 


Additionally, the program achieved the following excellent measurable outcomes: 

Understanding of their role and responsibilities as a manager of a remote workforce – Average increase +23%

Awareness of the Department’s policies and support tools to manage a remote and flexible workforce – Average increase +43%

Level of confidence in effectively managing a remote and flexible workforce – Average increase +19%

Fair Work Ombudsman, Pay and Conditions Tool (PACT)

FWO introduced a new self-service tool known as the Pay and Conditions Tool (PACT) to replace and expand the self-service offerings it provided. PACT provided customers with a single tool for assistance with most entitlements found under modern awards and the National Employment Standards (NES). As a result, FWO required the design, development and delivery of a training program to educate operational and supports staff to be able to confidently and competently use PACT themselves to then be able to educate clients to use the tool to self-service.


Wisdom designed the training program using high level structures for each model, a development version of the tool and drawing on the subject matter expertise of FWO consultants. We drew on our instructional design experience to develop the training modules as a holistic training package for each audience group with specific learning outcomes for each module. 

We were also appointed to roll out a national training program to over 500 FWO operational and support staff across 54 deliveries in Brisbane, Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide and Canberra. 

Wisdom met the tight 13 day design and development timeframe and delivered all training programs in a two month period.  

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